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phpbb [3.2.x] Extensions Database Releases • Sortables Captcha

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Extension name: Sortables Captcha
Author: Derky
Extension description: Sortables Captcha Extension for phpBB 3.1. This captcha plugin allows you to add questions and provide answers in two seperate columns. An user will see all the answers in one column and has to drag some answers to the other column to successfully complete the captcha.

Live Demo
So how is this exactly working? Try it out now!

Already available in 27 different languages! Most translations are included in the download package but for the latest added translations see:
The list of available translations and how you can submit yours.

Installation & Updates
How to install Sortables Captcha
How to update Sortables Captcha

This extension works on phpBB 3.1.0 and higher. (Also 3.2.0 and up) The older version for phpBB 3.0.14 can be found here.
Extension version: 2.0.1
Tested on phpBB version: 3.2.8

Download file:...

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