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phpbb [3.2.x] Extensions Database Releases • No Re:

Post by Site Bot » Oct 2nd, '19, 00:28

Extension name: No Re:
Author: phpbbstudio.com
Extension description: Extension Name: No Re:
Author: phpBB Studio

Extension Description:
The extension removes the prefix "Re : " from posts and PMs in the Reply or Quote process.

The difference with the existing one is that it uses 2 new eventsparses also PMs and carries out its work with only 2 lines of code, not using templates but just PHP.

In addition, we have provided an CLI command.

The command: php bin/phpbbcli.php phpbbstudio:nore mode

The “mode” argument must be one of: forums|topics|posts|pms

Example: php bin/phpbbcli.php phpbbstudio:nore posts



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