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Link bbCode Extension Link bbCode Extension

phpBB Link bbCode Extension 3.1.x
This extension will add a download link selection box in posting template.
2  Link bbCode Extension v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 811
 Last changed on: Mar 8th, '16, 20:12
Social Buttons Social Buttons

phpBB Social Buttons Extension 3.1.x
ACP Control included.
2  Social Buttons v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 1235
 Last changed on: Jun 20th, '16, 17:42
Newest Members 3.2.x Newest Members 3.2.x

phpBB Newest Members Extension 3.2.x
This extension shows the newest members instead of only one.
ACP Control included.
1  Newest members 3.2.x v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 753
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 08:04
Member time counter  3.2.x Member time counter 3.2.x

phpBB Member time counter Extension 3.2.x
Displays member time counter in profile
1  Member time counter 3.2.x v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 843
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 08:39
Navbar 3.2.x Navbar 3.2.x

phpBB Navbar Extension 3.2.x
Extra navbar select menu use dmzx_navbar_quick_links as event to add the links.
1  Navbar 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 1266
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 09:02
Post Author 3.2.x Post Author 3.2.x

phpBB Post Author Extension 3.2.x
Displays clearly the Author/Time details in a post.
1  Post Author 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 831
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 09:17
Topic Views 3.2.x Topic Views 3.2.x

phpBB Topic Views in footer Extension 3.2.x
Displays Topic views in footer.
1  Topic Views 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 726
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 09:32
Total Active Extensions 3.2.x Total Active Extensions 3.2.x

phpBB Total active extensions 3.2.x
This extension shows total active extensions on index.
1  Total Active Extensions 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 684
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 09:41
Username BBCode 3.2.x Username BBCode 3.2.x

phpBB Username BBcode 3.2.x
Username BBCode with Group Colours.
1  Username BBCode 3.2.x v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 848
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 11:31
Username Colour Changer 3.2.x Username Colour Changer 3.2.x

phpBB Username Colour Changer Extension 3.2.x
This extension allows users to change there username colour.
2  Username Colour Changer 3.2.x v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 921
 Last changed on: Mar 13th, '16, 11:52
Did You Know 3.2.x Did You Know 3.2.x

Sub category: Did You Know 3.2.x old versions (1 file)
phpBB Did You Know Extension 3.2.x
With this extension you can display texts in a small box at the top of the forum in a random order.
ACP Control included.
1  Did You Know 3.2.x v1.0.5

 Downloaded: 612
 Last changed on: Jan 9th, '17, 18:38
Live time Clock 3.2.x Live time Clock 3.2.x

phpBB Live time Clock Extension 3.2.x
Will add live time clock in navbar.
1  Live time clock 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 1063
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 12:52
Memberlist Avatar 3.2.x Memberlist Avatar 3.2.x

phpBB Memberlist Avatar Extension 3.2.x
Shows user avatars on memberlist.
1  Memberlist Avatar 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 1164
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 13:09
Subscribe Topic in footer 3.2.x Subscribe Topic in footer 3.2.x

phpBB Subscribe Topic in footer Extension 3.2.x
Displays in topics subscribe/unsubscribe link in footer
1  Subscribe Topic in footer 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 722
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 13:21
System Info 3.2.x System Info 3.2.x

phpBB System Info Extension 3.2.x
Displays System Info on the boards index page.
1  System Info 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 948
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 13:36
Link menu 3.2.x Link menu 3.2.x

phpBB Link menu Extension 3.2.x
This extension will add a simple link menu to header and place the search box in navbar.
ACP Control included.
1  Link menu 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 902
 Last changed on: Mar 1st, '16, 19:39
Partner Page 3.2.x Partner Page 3.2.x

phpBB Partner Page Extension 3.2.x
This extension will add a partner page to your forum, where you can list your partners with a description and a logo.
ACP Control included.
2  Partner Page 3.2.x v1.0.3

 Downloaded: 1121
 Last changed on: Mar 9th, '16, 15:52
Topic Age Day 3.2.x Topic Age Day 3.2.x

Sub category: Topic Age Day 3.2.x old versions (1 file)
phpBB Topic Age Day Extension 3.2.x
Displays Topic age day to the viewforum.
1  Topic Age Day 3.2.x v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 508
 Last changed on: Feb 12th, '17, 17:38
Wait before registration Wait before registration

phpBB Wait before registration Extension 3.1.x
Set wait time before registration.
ACP Control included.
1  Wait before registration v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 777
 Last changed on: Mar 10th, '16, 15:51
Wait before registration 3.2.x Wait before registration 3.2.x

phpBB Wait before registration Extension 3.2.x
Set wait time before registration.
ACP Control included.
1  Wait before registration 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 860
 Last changed on: Mar 10th, '16, 16:19
Notify upon reply Notify upon reply

phpBB Notify upon reply Extension 3.1.x
This extension add notify upon reply as default.
1  Notify upon reply v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 667
 Last changed on: Mar 12th, '16, 22:11
Referrals Referrals

Sub category: Referrals old versions (6 files)
phpBB Referrals Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Allows members to refer others.
ACP Control included.
1  Referrals v1.0.6

 Downloaded: 11
 Last changed on: Dec 7th, '19, 09:30
Tabbed Profiles 3.2.x Tabbed Profiles 3.2.x

phpBB Tabbed Profiles Extension 3.2.x
Divides the members profile into separate tabs.
1  Tabbed Profiles 3.2.x v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 913
 Last changed on: Mar 14th, '16, 12:38
Ultimate Points Ultimate Points

phpBB Ultimate Points Extension 3.1.x
The Ultimate Points is an addition to your phpBB3 forum, where people can gain points and also are able to spend points, of course.
ACP Control included.
4  Ultimate Points v1.1.6

 Downloaded: 1927
 Last changed on: Oct 15th, '16, 17:44
Sorting online list Sorting online list

phpBB Sorting online list Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Sorting online members on session time on index
1  Sorting online list v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 542
 Last changed on: Jun 15th, '16, 23:10