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Admin Colour Changer Admin Colour Changer

phpBB Admin Colour Changer Extension 3.1.x This extension allows Admins to change there user colour in UCP. 1  Admin Colour Changer v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 619
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 15:02
Browser & OS in Viewtopic Browser & OS in Viewtopic

Sub category: Browser & OS in Viewtopic old versions (1 file)
phpBB Browser & OS in Viewtopic Extension 3.1.x This extension shows browser icon and OS icon in viewtopic. 1  Browser & OS in Viewtopic v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 14
 Last changed on: Nov 4th, '19, 12:05
Topic Age Day Topic Age Day

Sub category: Topic Age Day old versions (2 files)
phpBB Topic Age Day Extension 3.1.x Displays Topic age day to the viewforum. 1  Topic Age Day v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 429
 Last changed on: May 11th, '17, 19:59
Top Stats Top Stats

phpBB Top Stats Extension 3.1.x The Top Stats extension displays some cool stats on your forum index. 1  Top Stats v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 899
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 16:24
Subscribe Topic in footer Subscribe Topic in footer

phpBB Subscribe Topic in footer Extension 3.1.x Displays in topics subscribe/unsubscribe link in footer 1  Subscribe Topic in footer v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 594
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 16:29
Post Author Post Author

phpBB Post Author Extension 3.1.x Displays clearly the Author/Time details in a post. 1  Post Author v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 650
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 16:32
Previous - Next topic Previous - Next topic

phpBB Previous/Next button Extension 3.1.x Displays Previous / Next button in topic. 1  Previous - Next topic v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 687
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 16:37
Fixed footer navbar Fixed footer navbar

Sub category: Fixed footer navbar old versions (1 file)
phpBB Fixed footer navbar Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
This extension will make your footer navbar fixed to your board.
1  Fixed footer navbar v1.0.3

 Downloaded: 468
 Last changed on: Mar 5th, '17, 11:20
Hangman Game Hangman Game

phpBB Hangman Extension 3.1.x This extension will add hangman game 1  Hangman Game v0.0.3

 Downloaded: 982
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 16:47
Topic title Topic title

phpBB Topic title Extension 3.1.x Displays clearly the topic title. 1  Topic title v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 681
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 20:12
Extensions with collapse added Extensions with collapse added

phpBB Extensions 3.1.x Latest extensions with collapse added. 6  National Flags with collapse v1.0.4

 Downloaded: 517
 Last changed on: Nov 6th, '15, 21:33
Hide Avatar for guests Hide Avatar for guests

phpBB Hide Avatar for guests Extension 3.1.x Hide avatar in viewtopic for guests. 1  Hide Avatar for guests v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 713
 Last changed on: Nov 7th, '15, 22:15
Knuffel Knuffel

Sub category: Knuffel old versions (2 files)
phpBB Knuffel Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x 1  Knuffel v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 585
 Last changed on: Feb 12th, '17, 14:43
Topic Subscribers Topic Subscribers

phpBB Topic Subscribers Extension 3.1.x
This extension shows the Topic Subscribers in viewtopic.
3  Topic Subscribers v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 814
 Last changed on: Oct 7th, '16, 18:05
Member Profile Views Member Profile Views

Sub category: Member Profile Views old versions (3 files)
phpBB Member Profile Views Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
This extension shows the profile views count in profile.
1  Member Profile Views v1.0.3

 Downloaded: 549
 Last changed on: Mar 5th, '17, 12:36
Support Ticket Support Ticket

Sub category: Support Ticket old versions (3 files)
phpBB Support Ticket Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
This Extension adds an Assistant to your phpBB Support forum.
ACP Control included.
1  Support Ticket v1.0.3

 Downloaded: 754
 Last changed on: May 7th, '17, 12:34
New Topic New Topic

Sub category: New Topic old versions (2 files)
phpBB New Topic Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Show the list of forums on the board, the forum selected will be created a new topic.
1  New Topic v1.0.3

 Downloaded: 376
 Last changed on: Mar 5th, '17, 20:00
Travis BBcode Travis BBcode

phpBB Travis BBcode Extension 3.1.x This Extension will add a new BBcode for Travis Build Status. 2  Travis BBcode v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 589
 Last changed on: Dec 13th, '15, 00:37
Topic Index Topic Index

Sub category: Topic Index old versions (4 files)
phpBB Topic Index Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Create a ordered list of topics in a post and in external page.
ACP Control included.
1  Topic Index v1.0.4

 Downloaded: 574
 Last changed on: Apr 13th, '17, 21:12
Badge Extension Badge Extension

phpBB Badge Extension 3.1.x This extension will add a badge bbCode selection box in posting template. 3  Badge Extension v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 788
 Last changed on: Feb 28th, '16, 09:42
Tabbed Profiles Tabbed Profiles

phpBB Tabbed Profiles Extension 3.1.x
Divides the members profile into separate tabs
1  Tabbed Profiles v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 739
 Last changed on: Dec 30th, '15, 10:06
Nivo Slider Nivo Slider

phpBB Nivo Slider Extension 3.1.x
Adds Nivo Slider to your forum
1  Nivo Slider v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 1158
 Last changed on: Jan 3rd, '16, 19:26
Hide Index Info Hide Index Info

phpBB Hide Index Info Extension 3.1.x
Hide index info for guests.
1  Hide Index Info v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 692
 Last changed on: Jan 21st, '16, 21:29
Feed Hover Feed Hover

phpBB Feed Hover Extension 3.1.x
Feed hover effect.
1  Feed Hover v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 651
 Last changed on: Jan 23rd, '16, 13:00
Note Extension Note Extension

phpBB Note Extension Extension 3.1.x
This extension will add a note bbCode selection box in posting template.
2  Note Extension v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 859
 Last changed on: Feb 28th, '16, 09:20