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Total edited posts Total edited posts

phpBB Total edited posts Extension 3.1.x This extension shows total edited posts on index. 1  Total edited posts v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 603
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 19:12
Switches Switches

phpBB Switches Extension 3.1.x This extension will add some switches. ACP Control included. 1  Switches v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 688
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 19:15
System Info System Info

phpBB System Info Extension 3.1.x Displays System Info on the boards index page. 1  System Info v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 854
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 19:19
Topic Views Topic Views

phpBB Topic Views in footer Extension 3.1.x Displays Topic views in footer. 1  Topic Views v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 620
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 19:22
Special Title Special Title

phpBB Special Title Extension 3.1.x This extension allows users to add a special title in UCP. 1  Special Title v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 1086
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 19:26
File Download File Download

Sub category: File Download old versions (1 file)
phpBB File Download Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Will add a nice download block to the inline attachments
1  File Download v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 537
 Last changed on: Mar 5th, '17, 11:04
Custom Header Logo Custom Header Logo

Sub category: Custom Header Logo old versions (2 files)
phpBB Custom Header Logo Extension 3.1.x Custom Header Logo displays logos and background images in the header. ACP Control included. 1  Custom Header Logo v1.0.3

 Downloaded: 956
 Last changed on: Jun 1st, '16, 12:45
Total Active Extensions Total Active Extensions

phpBB Total active extensions 3.1.x This extension shows total active extensions on index. 1  Total Active Extensions v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 629
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 19:37
ACP Style ACP Style

phpBB ACP Style Extension 3.1.x This extension will add a different style to ACP. 1  ACP Style v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 861
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 13:00
Screen resolution in viewtopic Screen resolution in viewtopic

phpBB Screen resolution in viewtopic Extension 3.1.x This extension shows Screen resolution in viewtopic. 1  Screen resolution in viewtopic v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 697
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 13:03
Username Colour Changer Username Colour Changer

Sub category: Username Colour Changer old versions (2 files)
phpBB Username Colour Changer Extension 3.1.x This extension allows users to change there username colour. 1  Username Colour Changer v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 742
 Last changed on: Mar 13th, '16, 11:31
MODx commands MODx commands

Sub category: MODx commands old versions (1 file)
phpBB MODx-commands Extension 3.1.x Displays MODX commands in a drop downbox. 1  MODx commands v1.0.4

 Downloaded: 656
 Last changed on: Feb 28th, '16, 10:00
Total Attachments Filesize Total Attachments Filesize

phpBB Total Attachments Filesize Extension 3.1.x This extension shows total attachments filezise on index. 1  Total Attachments Filesize v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 614
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 13:28
Total private messages Total private messages

phpBB Total private messages Extension 3.1.x This extension shows total private messages on index. 1  Total private messages v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 567
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 13:31
Total Attachments Downloaded Total Attachments Downloaded

phpBB Total attachments downloaded Extension 3.1.x This extension shows total attachments downloaded on index 1  Total Attachments Downloaded v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 574
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 13:35
Posting reset button Posting reset button

Sub category: Posting reset button old versions (1 file)
phpBB Posting reset button Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Displays reset and cancel button in posting buttons.
1  Posting reset button v1.0.4

 Downloaded: 408
 Last changed on: Mar 10th, '17, 15:08
Your post count Your post count

phpBB Your post count Extension 3.1.x Shows number of posts counts in quick links. 1  Your post count v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 600
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 13:44
Hide Birthdays Hide Birthdays

Sub category: Hide Birthdays old versions (1 file)
phpBB Hide Birthdays on Index Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Display birthdays only when there is a birthday.
1  Hide Birthdays v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 383
 Last changed on: Mar 5th, '17, 11:47
Groups in viewtopic Groups in viewtopic

Sub category: Groups in viewtopic old versions (1 file)
phpBB Groups in viewtopic Extension 3.1.x This extension shows user groups in viewtopic. 1  Groups in viewtopic v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 810
 Last changed on: Nov 6th, '15, 18:11
Email List Email List

Sub category: Email List old versions (2 files)
phpBB Email list Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Allows a board forum owner to download and save a list of emails of users on the forum.
1  Email List v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 481
 Last changed on: Mar 11th, '17, 19:26
Button roll effect Button roll effect

phpBB Button roll effect Extension 3.1.x Roll effect on big and small buttons on hover or clicked. 1  Button roll effect v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 718
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 14:14
Topic Author Topic Author

Sub category: Topic Author old versions (3 files)
phpBB Topic Author Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
This extension will add the topic author to the viewtopic.
1  Topic Author v1.0.4

 Downloaded: 667
 Last changed on: Mar 10th, '17, 22:54
Pretty Topic Pretty Topic

Sub category: Pretty Topic old versions (1 file)
phpBB Pretty topic Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Will add pretty topic type prefix to special topics
1  Pretty Topic v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 525
 Last changed on: Mar 10th, '17, 14:47
Statistics on Index Statistics on Index

phpBB Statistics on Index Extension 3.1.x Statistics on Index gives more statistics on Forum index. 1  Statistics on Index v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 754
 Last changed on: Nov 1st, '15, 14:42
Username BBCode Username BBCode

Sub category: Username BBCode old versions (1 file)
phpBB Username BBcode 3.1.x Username BBCode with Group Colours. 1  Username BBCode v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 892
 Last changed on: Feb 28th, '16, 10:09