Donation Extension with auto groups 1.2.5 is out! Due to server shutdown for keyserver new keys must be made for Who is Where and Donation extension, you need to update Who is Where and Donation extension.
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Wallet index Wallet index

Sub category: Wallet index old versions (1 file)
phpBB Wallet index Extension 3.2.x
Adds Wallet index page to your forum.
ACP Control included.
1  Wallet index v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 35
 Last changed on: 04 Feb 2019 10:34
Editor extension Editor extension

Sub category: Editor extension old versions (1 file)
phpBB Editor Extension 3.2.x 1  Editor extension v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 69
 Last changed on: 24 Jan 2019 09:03
Colour forum Category Colour forum Category

Sub category: Colour forum Category old versions (0 files)
phpBB Colour forum Category Extension 3.2.x 1  Colour forum Category v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 53
 Last changed on: 22 Jan 2019 13:31
Fixed textarea Fixed textarea

Sub category: Fixed textarea old versions (0 files)
phpBB Fixed textarea Extension 3.2.x 1  Fixed textarea v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 34
 Last changed on: 28 Jan 2019 15:34
Hide code for guests Hide code for guests

Sub category: Hide code for guests old versions (0 files)
phpBB Hide code for guests Extension 3.2.x 1  Hide code for guests v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 45
 Last changed on: 18 Apr 2019 10:50
Light-Dark Extension Light-Dark Extension

Sub category: Light-Dark Extension old versions (0 files)
phpBB Light-Dark Extension 3.2.x
ACP Control included.
1  Light-Dark Extension v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 26
 Last changed on: 09 Apr 2019 08:35
Delete Inactive Users Delete Inactive Users

Sub category: Delete Inactive Users old versions (0 files)
phpBB Delete Inactive Users Extension 3.2.x
ACP Control included.
1  Delete Inactive Users v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 14
 Last changed on: 24 Apr 2019 11:59